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meeting-imgThe Certification Programs™ provided by The Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics are educational, webinar-based courses which focus on integrating  functional medicine, genomic testing and integrative treatment strategies into other modalities of healthcare such as conventional medicine and psychiatry, chiropractic, osteopathic and physical therapies, nursing, psychology, dentistry, energetic medicine and other complementary and alternative medicine modalities. Participants also have the option of applying their Certification at the Academy of Functional Medicine to a fully accredited Doctor of Health Science in Integrative Healthcare at an affiliated institution, the Huntington College of Health Sciences ( ). This would involve enrollment in both programs concurrently.

The Certification Programs™ are divided into two stages, a basic-science, didactic program which is generally a prerequisite for the second, clinically-focused program, which focuses more on direct patient care using case presentations. However, knowledgeable clinicians already familiar with the basic sciences, functional medicine and genomic testing may elect to opt out of the basic science program unless they are in the Doctor of Health Science in Integrative Healthcare program where it would be a core program requirement to attain an accredited doctorate degree.

Functional Medicine is the Rosetta Stone of Genomics from Academy of Precision Medicine on Vimeo.



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