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Depression – Probably Not What You Think It Is

depressed woman
Dr. Chas Gant, MD, PhD, provides ground-breaking information on depression. With the tragic death of Robin Williams and subsequent revelation of his struggles with depression, the public has been exposed to renewed conversation about the challenges of those who are living with this debilitating (and potentially deadly) condition. Depression is generally recognized as a collage of symptoms which include feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, loss of interest in daily activities, appetite or weight changes, sleep problems, anger and irritability, loss of energy and fatigue, self-loathing, and reckless behavior.

Actually, the symptoms we label as Depression are the natural response of the body and brain to biochemical imbalances which have been well defined, easily tested and insurance re-imbursable causes. Those causes are metabolic, immune, infectious, toxic, nutritional, and genetic. Depression will be examined as the natural outcome of imbalances, which are reversible.

This information is “cutting edge” and should be seen by all health care professionals.

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