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Schizophrenia is a Treatable Disorder

schizophreniaBetween 1-2% of the world’s population suffers from the devastating effects of schizophrenia and related disorders such as schizoaffective personality disorder. Since these crippling disorders have a significant adverse effect on family members as well, who are often charged with caring for their dysfunctional family member, at least 5% of the inhabitants of this planet suffer deeply from these disorders. Not unlike most chronic medical and psychiatric disorders, schizophrenia is considered to be incurable, and the dreary mantra conveyed to patients and their families is that the best one can hope for is skillful medication management of symptoms.

To maintain that position, clinicians must remain ignorant of amassed peer reviewed data suggesting that many causative and reversible biochemical, toxicological, immunological, metabolic, allergic and genetic risk factors exist for schizophrenia. Or, should clinicians be aware of such scientific information, they might ignore it out of a lack of intellectual curiosity and they might not have the clinical skills to order the proper functional medicine and genomic testing to determine such risk factors. Or, if clinicians were aware that the causative risk factors of schizophrenia could be determined through functional medicine and genomic testing, they might not have the clinical skills to make a competent interpretation of the data and devise an effective treatment plan.

And if these hurdles were overcome, clinicians might still not test their patients out of the belief that that the economic and supportive resources to provide treatment were not available or that the patient would not be cooperative with them if they were available. Most importantly, clinicians might not have the courage to confront the pseudoscientific dogma promoted by their peers who blindly accept the ideology that schizophrenia is incurable.

I propose that all of these obstacles can be wiped away and a case (one of many successful outcomes in my practice) is presented here to suggest that schizophrenia is indeed a treatable disorder, ultimately requiring little or no medication, and that should good science, courage, intellectual curiosity, innovation and determination prevail, schizophrenia is potentially reversible on a mass scale.

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