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Know Your Genes

methylation process
You landed on this page to learn more about your genes and gene testing.

If you are starting from ground zero and do not yet have gene testing results in hand and want to learn about the process of getting tested, see Step 1 below.

If you have gene testing results in hand from and want to learn about the process of getting a genetic analysis and what you can do to beneficially change your genetic expression, see Step 2 below.

Step 1:

We recommend that you contact and order a kit for $199 to have your genes tested. Once you have the kit, simply follow their instructions, which essentially boils down to collecting a saliva sample in the collection tube provided, registering it online, and mailing it in the mailer provided. In several weeks, you will receive your result, which is primarily about genealogical information (searching common ancestry) which is interesting but irrelevant for what we do.

After you receive the result, continue with Step 2 below.

Here is the process: Process-for-DNA-Analysis.pdf

Step 2:

In the report from you will also get a link to access the “raw data” which can be uploaded to another website to get the actual genetic report. Currently is not allowed by the FDA to provide the genetic report directly to you as “it may confuse consumers” so the raw data has to be evaluated somewhere else.

If you purchase an interpretation, we can assist you in that process, but it is relatively simple.

Once you have that report, you can schedule an appointment through the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics for an Educational and Wellness Assessment (888-632-6938). You will receive a 1 hour appointment ($700) from Dr Chas who will assess your unique genetic situation and make suggestions around diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplementation which can optimize your genetic expression, help you to feel and function better, decrease your risk for acquiring certain medical and psychological disorders, and even improve your longevity.

Having an interpretation through the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics and Dr. Chas confers some significant advantages. Dr. Chas, a real, licensed MD and physician, who has the experience of treating many thousands of patients with chronic medical and psychiatric disorders for decades can educate you about you genetic predispositions so that you are better positioned to make choices that work and can improve your wellness.

Note: Dr. Chas does not provide medical treatment online, but he can provide this at his office in Washington, DC ( ) if necessary. The Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics, where Dr. Chas teaches clinicians how to do genetic interpretations, and who publishes his books, is an educational and publishing company which sponsors these online, consumer-based, interpretations of genetic reports.

To get more of an understanding about genomics, especially as it applies to the methylation genes, see this page:

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