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Direct Mentoring with Dr. Charles Gant, MD, PhD

By “shadowing” of Dr. Gant as he sees patients in rapid succession, practitioners of functional medicine and genomics get to see the “master detective” field clinical issues on the fly.

Practitioners can participate at their comfort level in the management of patients which can be purely observational or ideally will be a see one, do one direct care experience.

Practitioners must have some understanding of functional and integrative medicine, as well as genomic and precision medicine in order to participate. This requirement could be satisfied via having taken some of the basic courses provided by the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics.

Training will take place at the International Precision Medicine Associates offices located at 2200 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington DC.

Participants will also get an in-depth clinical exposure to Integrative Medicine and experience how Precision Medicine is complementary to many other such disciplines, by training at the National Integrative Health Associates located at 5225 Wisconsin Ave. in Washington, DC.

Fee: $2000 Day

Visit to Your Location

Dr Gant (and possibly other staff) are willing to travel to your office/clinic for a 3-4 day training session. The training can be customized to meet your needs.

Dr. Gant can work with you and your staff to set up appropriate laboratory testing, which would then be completed and available for interpretation on several patients.

Fee for 1 practitioner: $6000 plus travel expenses (transportation and lodging)

(Additional fee if more than one practitioner is required. Contact us for a quote)

A “Fellowship” training program for residents and graduate students is also being planned for the future.

Contact us for further information on the above programs.

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