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Functional Medicine Training

The Mission of the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics is to educate healthcare practitioners about the latest, cutting edge, diagnostic technologies that define the root causes of many chronic medical and psychiatric disorders.  These causes, which have been called biochemical individuality, are unique to each patient we evaluate, even those who share the same diagnosis or symptoms.

Once Academy participants learn how to discover these root causes of illness or disorders through in-depth laboratory testing, they go on to learn about the latest, targeted treatments.  These revolutionary treatments intelligently replenish specific nutritional deficiencies, excrete toxins, balance hormones and brain neurotransmitters, remove chronic infections and optimize metabolism.  Often a comprehensive functional medicine evaluation involves gene testing to uncover certain, unique, genetic vulnerabilities in our patients.

No doubt you have seen police movies or TV shows like Bones or CSI, which use in-depth, laboratory analysis to solve crimes.  But, perhaps you never asked,

Why are these prodigious technologies I see on TV, or in the movies, not being used to solve human suffering from various chronic medical and psychiatric disorders?

The answer to this question is simple.  Technological innovations have moved so rapidly within the last 20 years that healthcare teaching institutions have not been able to keep up with the latest advances.  In the field of biochemistry, the gap between what is known and what is taught is so vast that conventional medicine does not even have a paradigm, a way of even understanding what is being discussed here.

Many models of healthcare treatment or so-called “accepted standards of care,” are indeed cutting edge and necessary for certain healthcare problems, especially emergency, end-stage and acute problems.  Unfortunately, other conventional models of care, especially for chronic problems, are far behind the curve, relying on obsolete technologies, which are resulting in incalculable harm.

Our patients are senselessly suffering today.  And, many of us do not believe that it is wise or ethical to wait several decades for conventional healthcare to eventually break free of certain obsolete models.  Instead, we prefer to apply the science that is available now.

The Mission of the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics  is not to wait, but rather to educate healthcare practitioners today about the latest, cutting edge, diagnostic technologies that can determine the root causes of many chronic medical and psychiatric disorders.  This enables treatment to not simply be palliative, or the covering up of symptoms, but actually potentially curative, or at least optimizing of genetic expression as much as possible, so that our patients can achieve their best psychological and physical functioning.

The motto of the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics  is:
If you don’t test, you’ve guessed.

According to its Chief Medical Officer, Dr. C. E. Gant, “Once participants begin to appreciate the wisdom of investigating the unique, root, biochemical causes of suffering in each patient, they will never be satisfied with guessing again.”

Modern medicine has made astonishing advances in the treatment of acute healthcare problems, but increasingly consumers suffer from so-called “incurable,” chronic disorders such as arthritis, diabetes, cancer, addictions, heart disease, depression and auto-immune diseases.  With the advent of Functional Medicine, healthcare practitioners and consumers can now relegate symptomatic treatments of chronic medical and psychiatric problems to treatments of last resort  instead of treatments of first resort. 

Because of the Academy, healthcare practitioners learn about a new paradigm.  Specifically, a way of providing care that is potentially curative and which can be a treatment of first resort, because it addresses the underlying risk factors and causes of chronic medical and psychiatric disorders.  A scientific rationale for prevention through nutrition, diet, lifestyle changes, and stress-management techniques now also begins to make scientific sense.

The training provided by the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics, and other like-minded educational programs, is the long-awaited, missing component in the holistic model of mind, body, energy and spirit treatment.  By scientifically addressing the “body,” the critical physical and sustainable foundation for all mind/energy/spirit approaches is set.  Holistic and alternative medicine and dentistry, as well as psychotherapy can work, but these fields will never come close to their potential without functional medicine.

The Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics is an educational, webinar-based program. The emphasis of the curriculum is on learning “how to think” about medical and psychiatric disorders through biochemical and physiological investigations, rather than on “what to think”, or simply learning and memorizing facts, which is a more conventional approach to learning about healthcare matters.

The primary course objective is to establish a new way of thinking about medical and psychiatric disorders.  This exciting paradigm shift can refresh one’s career as every patient approached from a functional medicine perspective can teach us new information, if we are open to investigating the underlying, scientific causes of their suffering.

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